Our steel.

We offer a wide range of steel products and we update our portfolio continuously.
Our traders travel around the globe in a constant search for new and better alternatives.

Long steel products

Long carbon steel products are made of steel billets. Products include reinforcing bars, wire rods, merchant bars, profiles, all type of wire products, wire derivates, and so on.
Long steel products are used for reinforcing and construction purposes but are also often used in many other industrial applications.

Flat steel products

Flat steel products are made from steel slabs, they include plates, hot rolled coils, cold rolled coils and coated material. Many varieties and surface conditions are available, depending on the end use.
Flat steel materials are used for a wide range of applications across all major industry sectors, like for example construction, the automotive industry, shipbuilding, industrial machinery.

Tubes and sections

Tubes and sections include all types of pipes, like seamless, welded, epoxy coated and galvanized pipes. Hollow sections are available an all shapes, for example round, rectangular or square.
Many of these products are commonly used in the oil and gas industry, general construction and shipbuilding.

Other products

Apart from standard carbon steel products, we are constantly updating our product portfolio through our international network.
Other products include special steels, sheet piles, special bars, inox, expanded metal sheets, perforated sheets and many others.

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