Our team.

We have without a doubt a fantastic team and together we keep on developing and improving ourselves.

Nikolas De Wachter

Managing Director

Every year our team gets bigger with enthusiastic young people that are adding something to the company in their own way. We try to get the best out of our people! We want to shape the best talents on the market, because as a trading company creating trust with your commercial partners and extending our international relationships is a key point.
This is why we do our job with love every day. This makes us proud to grow at the same pace as when we started FerroMac.

Bart Van Damme

Managing Director

We have without a doubt a fantastic team and together we keep on developing and improving ourselves. More than ever, it is key to combine your priceless human capital with the digital evolutions of our time.

We have to bear in mind the day after tomorrow and always try to find an edge for our partners. Reach for the win-win in every relationship and develop them long-lasting. It’s in our culture to never take things for granted and always stay humble, and at the same time strive for excellence every day.

Philippe Somlai


Because of my professional interest in international business and trading, I have joined the team in September 2011, with the intention and eagerness to develop and promote our company business in overseas markets like Africa and the Caribbean area. More than a decade later engaged in the expansion of all FerroMac’s export markets, the management of the trade team and responsible for the commercial strategic decisions.

Let’s chase our global dreams where the world is our playground!

Lieve Smets


It was already from the very beginning that I became part of the Ferromac family, however not internally but as an external consultant of EY. The fantastic team of young enthusiastic people, their motivation and the company’s culture always intrigued me. When they needed someone to enforce the finance team, I did not hesitate for a second.

I am happy to be part of this wild dream and I am eager to contribute to this continuously growing environment.

Jessy Mortiers

Senior Accountant

My name is Jessy and I started working here in December 2020 to enforce the finance team.
I am very happy to be part of the Ferromac family because it’s a young energetic team with lots of interaction what makes a good vibe.

With my accomplished knowledge and previous experience, I am eager to take these skills into practice and to learn and grow even more in this steel trading environment.

Michaël Remy

Junior Accountant

Hey there, I’m Michaël Remy, and I’m pleased to join Ferromac’s accounting and finance department. With a study background in broad economics and an eye for detail, I’m ready to delve into the numerical side of the steel industry.

Exploring the financial landscape at Ferromac seems like a promising opportunity. My aim is to ensure accurate financial records and collaborate with the team to refine our processes. Through insightful financial analysis.

I’m excited to dive into this role and make meaningful contributions!

Jasper Verleyen

Treasury Manager

If I have to describe the company I would use the term PMA: Positive Mental Attitude. A young dynamic team of people who want to prove themselves and get the best possible result for all the involved parties.

My role is to ensure we are hedged against currency volatility so we can offer consistent pricing and protect our margins. My experience in finance and stock trading allows me to interpret market moves and make the right calls at the right time.

Ignacio Inverso

Senior Steel Trader

Being a steel trader at FerroMac fulfils all of my professional desires: international trade, close and personal contact with our customers and the possibility to supply to our customers’ needs with a specific approach.

Promoting and developing our business in Latin America, makes it even more fun to do so.

Zoë De Schutter


My adventure at FerroMac started in November 2018, these days I am responsible for trade in West Afrika. During my studies, I’ve lived in Hong Kong for 6 months and that’s where I became fascinated by interacting with people from different cultures. I also developed a strong interest in international business and that’s why I chose FerroMac.

My biggest passion is traveling. So my job at FerroMac allows me to combine all my favourite things.

Stefan Wollants


My journey at FerroMac International started in 2018, being one of FerroMac’s first to finish the trader trainee program. Throughout the years I have been working on East African markets, allowing me to travel and meet exciting new people around the world.

Our young and dynamic team strives for excellence and takes any challenge head on. That’s how we differentiate ourselves from the rest.

Maarten Hawinkel


I’m Maarten and I’m working since 2019 at FerroMac International NV on the Latin American markets. It’s a “work hard, play hard” working environment that reveals the ins and outs of the international steel trading business.

I got a taste for travelling and working in an international setting with people from all over the world, chatting with China early morning and making calls with Latam late at night. My goal is to assist our clients with their needs by providing a reliable and high-quality steel procurement service.

Alex Amorgaste


When working at Ferromac you are part of a highly dynamic and vibrant team known for its ability to overcome challenges: turning the impossible into the possible.
My passion for international trade, diverse cultures, and languages aligns perfectly with this environment.

Contributing to the development of growing & emerging markets, while providing the best service possible to our clients in a very personal manner, makes it one of the most fun & rewarding jobs in my opinion.

Matias Garrubba


Greetings! I’m Matias Garrubba, and I’m thrilled to introduce myself as the newest member of Ferromac. After a career of almost 6 years in finance, I joined FerroMac on January 2024. I will be mainly focussing on the development of new business within the European market.

My passion for international business, finance and trade aligns perfect with the environment I’m working in. Apart from that I’m very eager to contribute to the success of the company and its clients.

Let’s connect and see how we can collaborate!

Nicolas Hill Cabrera


I’m Nicolas and I have only recently started my adventure at FerroMac International in 2022 as a trader trainee. A forever fascination for international business, consolidated by an MBA in international relations, a postgraduate in economic diplomacy and an internship in Uruguay, is what made me burst with excitement about joining this company.

I hope to achieve great things with FerroMac, which will undoubtedly be possible with this young and dynamic team.

Matthias De Herdt


My name is Matthias De Herdt and in September 2022, I got the opportunity to launch my career with a traineeship at FerroMac International. It was during my exchange programme in Lisbon where my interests in international business stirred up, as I realised how much I enjoy meeting people from different cultures and working with them.

FerroMac allows me to do as such, while learning about one of the most important international markets.

Mateo Bruggeman


My journey started in September 2022 and so far it has been an incredible experience! The combination of my passion for travelling and my economic background made me choose to pursue a career in international business. And more specifically, I wanted to work in the Latin American market because of my Chilean roots. I immediately felt that FerroMac goes beyond the rest, giving me an instant “this is what I want”-feeling. I came into an incredibly talented and driven team, that strives for excellence and maintains firm relationships with their business partners.

Camille Perello
Trader Trainee

In september 2023, I began my traineeship as an international trader at Ferromac.
In combination with my economic studies, a year of traveling across South America strengthened my interest in trading.
My aspiration is to specialize in steel, be a reliable seller, and build long term relationships with clients.
Opting for Ferromac was an easy decision due to their exceptional team, strong values, and esteemed reputation.

I’m looking forward to the coming years, eager to evolve into a passionate trader and embrace this exciting new adventure.

Louis Verhaegen
Trader Trainee

Hello, I’m Louis Verhaegen, and I’m excited to introduce myself as a recent addition to the Ferromac team, where I’ve embarked on my journey as a Trader Trainee.
My background and enthusiasm for international business and global economics fuels my ambition to excel in the steel industry.
I’m looking forward to the prospect of forging strong connections, nurturing relationships, and fostering mutual growth in the realm of international trade.

My focus is on becoming an expert in the field and to provide exceptional service to our valued customers and trusted suppliers. Let’s connect and thrive together!

Yasmine Pattyn

Senior Trade Support

My love for languages gave me the opportunity to join the FerroMac team. While working here, I can speak different languages every day, and at the same time, support clients, suppliers and our different partners. Of course, other aspects of my job are equally important to me, such as train new colleagues and constantly improving our services.

I am always happy to receive your email or telephone call for whatever service FerroMac can provide for you.

Gregory Cokelberg

Senior Trade Support

Hello, my name is Gregory and I’m working at FerroMac since September 2011. I’m one of the first employees of FerroMac and I’m glad to see how the company has grown with new colleagues and new markets.
I like my job because of the interaction with people from all around the world and that every day can have an unexpected twist of events.

We are a young and dynamic team with a lot of experience and we motivate each other to push boundaries so that we can give that little dash of extra to our clients and this is where we make the difference.

Wendy Jacobs

HR-officer & Senior Trade Support

I’m Wendy and I’ve been working at FerroMac since 2013 as a trade support and HR-officer.
I’m convinced that the human capital factor is the driving force behind a successful company. Therefore I put a lot of effort in communication, onboarding our new family members, helping all our partners, suppliers and clients in every single logistic way.

We deliver together in many ways. I’m proud to be part of this young, dynamic and motivated team!

Francesca Hoyaux

Trade Support Trainee

Greetings, my name is Francesca! With a unique blend of Uruguayan and Belgian roots, I had the chance to grow up in different parts of the world including Mali, Vanuatu and Uruguay.
This early international development inspired me to get a degree in organization and management in business and languages.
Now I have the opportunity to use my knowledge and experience to help an amazing company on my first real career choice.

I am eager to join the Ferromac’s logistics team and I am genuinely excited about the opportunity I now have to grow further on my journey.

Sena Öğüt

Regional manager Türkiye – Europe

Feeling so proud and privileged to be a part of this wise and energetic family!
I have been responsible for FMI’s Turkish market activities and presence since beginning of 2021. With rest of trading team, we are looking for best and consistent solutions with our reliable partner Turkish suppliers on long term basis.

It has been an adventure of generating and creating new opportunities together and I believe many more to follow.

Santiago Hill Cabrera

Special Steel

Despite more than 30 years in the steel trading world, I still get very excited when concluding new deals, establishing new connections between customers and suppliers, bringing a new product on the table, creating a new trade.

With FMI we will work together to expand our reach into special steels/metals and projects packages solutions, sharing experience and motivation to create value to all the trade.